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Los Angeles Area
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Lunatics Psycles

Luis Luna

127 S. Rosemead Blvd.,
Pasadena CA 91107-3955

Luis Luna has a passion for customized Harley Davidson motorcycles. In 2001, the U.S. Marine
Corps veteran turned his love for bikes into a successful entrepreneurial venture, building,
repairing, and selling motorcycles as Lunatic Psycles in Pasadena, CA.
After the COVID pandemic however, Lunatic Psycles was on the brink of closure. Luna had
heard about an acquaintance’s success working with the PCR Small Business Development
Center, so he decided to reach out.


Luna was paired with PCR SBDC Advisor Jorge Chavarin, who quickly helped assess the three
major problems Lunatic Psycles was facing. In addition to the business challenges of the
pandemic, Luna needed assistance navigating the loan process. The third issue was probably
the most complicated: The building his business was renting was being sold and Luna had a
limited amount of time to find a new location. 
Chavarin helped Luna sort through his various options for raising capital, including loans and
available grants. Luna was certain he didn’t want to incur more debt, so Chavarin walked him
through the application processes for the various forgivable PPP loans and grants available. As
a result, Luna received a capital infusion of $9,835.


Chavarin also helped Luna strengthen his business. After working through detailed cash flow
projections, in-depth SWOT analyses, developing client surveys and implementing feedback,
Luna saw a 15% increase in sales revenue. 
“My advisor was genuine and truly cared about my business,” Luna said. “Without his
assistance, my business would have closed and I would not have the means to support my
With support from the PCR SBDC and SBDC advisor Jorge Chavarin, Luis Luna was able to
keep Lunatic Psycles open and thriving. 
“I am beyond grateful,” Luna said.  “This is one of the best resources I didn’t know existed.”

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