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The Entrepreneurial Training Institute 

Pacific Coast Regional’s (PCR) Entrepreneurial Training Institute (ETI), established in 1987, offers educational seminars to potential and existing business owners to help address issues found specifically in the small business environment. The Institute’s intensive workshops focus on six areas of particular concern:

  • Business Development
  • Business Management
  • Legal Issues
  • Financing
  • Business Promotion
  • Business Internet Issues

Further, the Institute hosts specialized workshops and modules targeted to various audiences on specific issues and topics pertaining to the small business community.  PCR’s goal is to give the small business owner the tools needed to increase their bottom line: providing the strategies necessary to make money by becoming more productive and to save money by increasing efficiency.

 ESP (Entrepreneurial Strategic Planning) Program

Individual class length varies from three to six hours, which is enough time to give a comprehensive overview of the topic, while not tying up your schedule for several weeks. A nominal registration fee is charged for each class, and classes are open to all. The ESP Program is an intensive nine-week series of business management classes specifically designed to provide a functional, strategic plan of action in operating any business successfully.

The Institute’s small class size and conference-like format fosters an atmosphere that is conducive to interaction between the participants and the instructor. Institute instructors are well versed in their area of expertise and in touch with the needs of today’s small business owner. In fact, many of them are small business owners themselves, and bring their real-life experiences in running a business to their presentation.

If you are interested in getting the latest information on small business and entrepreneurship, attend a class or enroll in the ESP Program at PCR’s Entrepreneurial Training Institute contact us at (213) 674-2696 or send us an